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Origin: Southeastern England, imported by John Ellman to America in the 1800's

Miniature Southdown Sheep Traits

  • Faces are complete with wool. The wool on their face gives a 'Teddy Bear' appearance with a smiling facial expression.
  • Stature is cobby
  • Life Span - 15-16 years
  • Both sexes are born polled (without horns)
  • Legs are slightly inward bent
  • Mouth must exhibit a 'smile'
  • Height must not exceed 24" at shoulder
  • Color - White is the predominant color with a few blacks. History indicates also a light brown or spotted. These genes crop up from time to time and are delightful to be developed.
  • Gestation - 5 months

Special Qualities

  • Gentle temperment
  • Resistant to diseases
  • Grass grazers
  • Do not girdle trees and shrubs
  • No horns
  • Mix well with other animals
  • Do not wander
  • Herd animal


  • They are excellent as weeders for organic growers since they are grass grazers and are not known for girdling trees and shrubs.
  • Because of their diminutive size and gentle nature, they make great pets.
  • Excellent for 4-H projects because of their small size.
  • They are a good source of organic fertilizer. We have seen a great improvement in our garden simply by cleaning out their pen and adding it to our soil.

Here's more fertilizer for the garden, Mom!

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