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Registration Requirements

Before 1992 all foundation registry stock was individually reviewed. All were measured by veterinarians to be 24 inches or under at the shoulders, without wool. Their age was checked against their teeth, and all sheep were two years old or older. This prevented juvenile sheep of unknown ages that might go over the size limit when mature. Each sheep was photographed and the photos were judged against photographs from the early 1800's stud books.

It is the desire of the 'Baby Doll Registry' to preserve this unique confirmation as well as size. Buyers will not be buying authentic 'Baby Doll' sheep unless the sheep are registered with the Olde English Miniature Baby Doll Southdown Sheep Breeders Registry.

The Association Registration closed in August of 1992. Now only the progeny of registered adults from the foundation registry will be registered. "Baby Doll Miniature Sheep" is trademarked and can only be used to describe those sheep registered by the 'Baby Doll Registry'. The Baby Doll registry, unlike other sheep registries controls the size of the sheep as well as confirmation.

The address for the Old English "Baby Doll" Registry is:

Olde English "Baby Doll" Registry
PO Box 942
Rochester WA 98579-0942

Email Address: OEBABYDOLL@aol.com

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